Brew to be more present in the moment

6g of First Sparrow

First Sparrow green tea is be-oom's signature green tea made from handpicked second flush green tea leaves. Full umami flavour with sweetness to finish.
Perfect for moments to awaken the body and mind - great for meditation in the morning

1.5g of Blossom Petals

Blossom Petals tea is made from petals of wild magnolia flowers picked at the beginning of Spring. Delicately flowery flavour with a strong sweet aftertaste.
Perfect for moments that require increased focus - great for meditation in the afternoon and evening

6g of Persimmon Leaf

Persimmon Leaf tea is made from dried leaves of persimmon trees. Naturally sweet flavour of persimmon.
Perfect for moments to ease the mind and body - great for meditation in the evening