This finely ground green tea is rich in flavour, and great for everyday use.

This powdered green tea is ceremonial grade from Boseong, South Korea.



Malcha simply means powdered tea in Korean, equivalent to 'matcha' in Japanese.


Brewing instructions

1. Add one teaspoon of malcha (2g) into small bowl
2. Add a splash of warm water (just below boiling temperature)
3. Whisk until frothy
4. Enjoy as is, or pour into a cup of water or milk


About the tea farm

Bohyang Tea Company is a family-run tea company which has been producing teas for five generations. Best known for their premium grade green tea, the farm grows all their teas organically. Their farm is located in Boseong, South Korea, the largest tea-producing county in the country. be-oom's selection from the tea farm includes our series of Sparrow green teas, malcha and black tea.


Why drink it?

Perfect for those soothing moments you take to bring balance to your day