When infused, these wild plum flowers have a delicate flavour that lingers long on the palate. When blended with green tea, they carry the pure essence of Spring.

Weight: 8g



Plum Butter, Sweet Cherry, Almond, Marzipan


Brewing instructions

around 10-15 flowers (add up to 20 for an intense flavour)
200ml water at 90 degrees
2 mins
Re-infuse until flavour and colour have faded


About the tea farm

Da Che
Da Che is a small tea farm also located in Boseong. Da Che specialises in premium green and black tea as well as handpicked flower teas. Our selection from the farm also includes magnolia blossom tea.


Why drink it?

Perfect for those comforting, calming moments you take at the end of a stressful day.