Tea farm focus: Bohyang Tea Company

By Sooji Im

Bohyang Tea Company

Bohyang Tea Company is a family-run tea company which has been producing teas for five generations since 1937. Best known for their premium grade green tea, the farm grows all their teas organically. The company was the first tea farm to receive organic certificate in Korea. Their farm is located in Boseong, the largest tea-producing county in the country. 

Although best known for their green tea production, Bohyang Tea Company also produces black tea (first, second, third flushes), yellow tea, a wide range of herbal teas as well as flower teas. 

We are in contact with the farm frequently to discuss processing techniques, quality of the new year's crop as well ideas for new blends.

Our carefully selected teas from Bohyang are Early Sparrow and First Sparrow Green Tea, Green Malcha and Boseong Black.