Our Tea Farms

We source our teas from family-run tea farms in Hadong and Boseong in Korea. We went through a long process of hearing from different farms, trying their teas to finally select the three farms below to source from. All three farms grow their teas in the most natural way, without use of pesticides and teas we have carefully selected are all hand-picked.

Bohyang Tea Company

Bohyang Tea Company is a family-run tea company which has been producing teas for five generations. Best known for their premium grade green tea, the farm grows all their teas organically. The company was the first tea farm to receive organic certificate in Korea. Their farm is located in Boseong, the largest tea-producing county in the country. be-oom's selection from the tea farm includes our series of Sparrow green teas, malcha and black tea.

Da Che

Da Che is a small tea farm also located in Boseong. Da Che specialises in premium green and black tea as well as tisanes, such as wild magnolia flower tea and wild plum flower tea.

Jukro Tea

Jukro Tea's green teas have been a pride in Hadong. Their teas have won multiple awards and are sought after by collectors and connoisseurs across the world. be-oom introduces their finest black and blended teas as well as tisanes.

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