This tea is made with two-pronged tea leaves (a bud and two leaves) that are handpicked on the day of Gokwoo (April 20) or in the seven days following.

The tea carries a subtly refreshing aroma with a bright and sweet finish.

Available as 30g tea box and 50g tin.

Tasting Notes

Grass, Seaweed, Sweet Chestnut


Tea leaves are said to resemble tongue of a sparrow bird in Korea. Our green tea collection refers to this expression, with first flush leaves as Early Sparrow, second flush as First Sparrow and third flush as Full Sparrow.


Brewing instructions

2.5g of tea
200ml water at 70 degrees
1.5-2 mins
up to 3 infusions


Why drink it?

Perfect for those serene moments you take to awaken your body and mind.