This tea is a second flush black tea made with three-pronged tea leaves (a bud and three leaves) handpicked in May.

When brewed, they reveal a fruity scent with a heavy and sweet finish.

Available as 30g tea box and 50g tin. 


Boseong Black is a black tea that originates from Boseong, South Korea. Our black teas have been named after the region they are from, as there is a distinct difference in flavour between black teas from Boseong and Hadong (read more here).


Tasting Notes

Chestnut, Sweet Pear

Brewing instructions

2.5g of tea
200ml water at 90 degrees
1.5-2 mins
up to 3 infusions

Why drink it?

It's perfect for those invigorating moments you take to boost your energy levels and warm your body.