How To Brew: Blossom Petals

How To Brew: Blossom Petals

By Sooji Im

How To Brew: Blossom Petals

Why drink Blossom Petals?

Blossom Petals tea, made with wild magnolia flower petals, is a great companion for your evening meditation. Magnolia tea is particularly good for clearing out skin problems and increases focus, making it a perfect drink for mindfulness exercises.

How does it taste?

The dry petals have a spicy, sweet and citrusy note. The flavour of the tea is delicately flowery with a strong, sweet aftertaste.

What to prepare

10 petals of Blossom Petals
200 ml of water at 90 degrees (leave boiled water for 5 minutes or so)
Teaware (preferably glass)


1. Warm up teaware with hot water
2. Observe the petals - breathe in and take notice of the scent of the petals
3. Discard the water
4. Place the petals into the pot carefully
5. Add water prepared at 90 degrees into the pot
6. Infuse for 1.5 - 2 minutes7. Petals can be infused 2, 3 more times