How To - Green & Roasted Rice & Grape Iced Tea

How To - Green & Roasted Rice & Grape Iced Tea

By Sooji Im

How To - Green & Roasted Rice & Grape Iced Tea

For simplest iced teas, we recommend cold brewing our teas, but if you want to take it up a notch and make an iced tea for a special occasion (or offer it as an alternative to a cocktail), here is a recipe for one of the most loved summer drinks at the tea room.

You will need: 

75ml of Cold Brewed Green & Roasted Rice Tea
75ml of Soda Water (or Sparkling Water)
25ml of Grape Cordial 
5ml of lemon juice

To make Grape Cordial:

Wash white grapes with baking soda
Blend the grapes using a blender
Filter out the juice
Measure the juice (in ml/gram)
Mix the juice with equal amounts of caster sugar (e.g. for 100ml of grape juice, use 100g of caster sugar)
Boil in low heat until all the sugar is dissolved.

You can keep the cordial for 2 weeks at a time

To create a nice layer of colours in the glass when serving, put a couple of ice cubes to a glass, and add in the order of grape cordial, lemon juice, cold brewed tea and soda water at the end.